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Everyone is going through digital transformation. Few know how to do it. This is where we come in – hand in hand with the latest and greatest technology. 

We’re an international community of more than 2.000 people doing great things with tech to create a better society. Perhaps you would like to join us? 

Our employees are our most important asset – and we are always looking for new playmates across different technologies.


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How it’s like working in twoday

Working at twoday, you will enjoy a flexible environment that takes care of your needs as a employee. We care about each other. We care about society. And, not least, we care about making a difference with tech. 

We can only do this, when we respect each other and let people be themselves. When we team up and tear down barriers. When we truly love winning together. 

Do you care? Then we might be a great fit.  

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Nur Harges, software developer in twoday

"Working closely with the customers is rewarding, as you get to have a genuine contact with the people to whom the solutions we develop ultimately go"

Nur Harges, Software Developer in twoday Finland.

Ragnhild Johannessen

“I have the best and most competent colleagues. At twoday, I get to work on many exciting projects, where we work closely with the customer to create insight, as well as help them in decision-making"

Ragnhild Johannessen, Senior Consultant in twoday Norway

Mohamad Kenas, developer in twoday

“It is important for me to have a challenging and meaningful job, but here I also got a lot more in return. I have a lot of opportunities to develop professionally, but the best thing about working here – is the people!”

Mohamad Kenas, Developer in Twoday Norway

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